Chaos to Calm


Are You Experiencing the Pain and Confusion of a Divorce?

As a DIVORCE CONSULTANT, I provide guidance that is emotionally supportive and strategically savvy.

Is this you?

  • Are you dealing with a narcissist?
  • Don’t know where to begin or whom you can trust?
  • Afraid of not having enough money to even begin the divorce?
  • Worried about the effect of the divorce on your children?
  • Confused about how the process works and the legal jargon?
  • Concerned that lawyers will make it expensive and adversarial.
  • Afraid of loosing precious time with your children.
  • In need of some emotional support during this time of crisis?
  • Wish it would all just go away!

And you…

Want to be fair and stay in integrity.
Want to be able to look back in 20 years and view your decisions with peace.
Realize how you go through your divorce impacts your children and their future.
Think that it might make sense to have some guidance through the process.

Know that you need to come out financially whole.
Want to act according to your highest consciousness?

If you would like more information, you can reach me at 303-530-7080.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a step-by-step process, tailored specifically to achieve success, as you define it?

Divorce can be an emotionally hard time for anyone. Coaching can help!

Would you like to feel like this instead?:

Empowered… to move forward because you have a specific detailed plan
Pleased…. that you have just learned numerous ways to save money
Relieved… knowing that there are ways to make it easier on your children
Supported… by someone who knows how challenging divorce can be
Fascinated… by learning about how to effectively negotiate with your ex
Safe… knowing that you have expert guidance for to your individual needs.

You may be wondering how I can help. Hundreds of my clients have found my unique blend of skills and divorce coaching essential during their process. Consider how my practical wisdom, and supportive style might benefit you. As a non-attorney, I can view the situation from many angles.

A recent divorce client has said (with permission):  ”I remember driving home after my first visit with you.  I was full of fear, anxiety and sadness. I drove home with the windows open and the sunlight beaming in.  A shift had taken place.  You became my divorce doula that day, helping me to rebirth myself.  So many amazing and long-lasting shifts took place within me as a result of your wisdom, guidance and support. The work we did together healed patterns and belief systems that had been imprisoning me for so long. You brought me, time and time again, into a place of higher consciousness.”

You can send me a confidential e-mail by clicking here: E-mail Sattara or
call 303-530-7080. Please note:  I am not an attorney and do not offer legal advice.

To find out more about Sat Tara’s therapeutic work, including Brainspotting,  please visit http://www.SatTaraTherapy.com.

Sat Tara Kaur Khalsa, MS, LPC, Divorce Consultant and Psychotherapist

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My biggest fear was that the process was going to be too overwhelming to deal with, and that I wasn’t going to get what I needed. It became clear when we were going through the financials which had to be prepared for the court, that I was in good hands with Sat Tara. I was able to do the most overwhelming aspect of my divorce with her help, because she offered calm, clear, knowledgeable support. I was not alone in a sea of confusion and legalese.


The biggest benefit I got from working with Sat Tara was the clear knowledge that she believed in my ability to make it through that hellish time. And I did.


Working with Sat Tara was different than other work I’ve done mainly because it was very practical as well as emotional and psychological. A great balance, especially when you’re trying to cope with a divorce. Sat Tara is compassionate and skillful and I’d certainly recommend her to a friend in need.


Sat Tara has been expert in guiding my clients through the divorce process, including the financial and custody mazes. I have always found her material reliable and helpful.

Boulder County Attorney

Sat Tara combines street smarts with humanity. She helped me explore, recognize and identify the important issues, organize and refine their presentation and synthesize them into a coherent whole.


An additional benefit of Sat Tara’s counsel was the venting and diffusing of a lot of non-functional and counterproductive anger….I spoke from truth and honesty.


It has been fabulous to have Sat Tara to bounce things off of, express my feelings to and to get honest feedback from.


You also helped me learn to love myself again….I’ve forgiven myself. I am such a better person and a better mother now.


You saved my life! You brought me out of the darkness into the light.


Coming out of this, I feel so empowered and in control of my own life. You helped lay the stepping stones to get me to such a point. I will never hesitate to recommend you to others I meet who find themselves in need of sound advice and guidance. Thank you, Sat Tara, for everything.


Thank you for your wonderful support and guidance through my divorce process. A year ago I was asking myself, "How does a person even start to get divorced?" and was trying to find answers in Divorce for Dummies! But nothing provides assistance better than a well-informed, supportive, understanding, highly trained, experienced, level-headed mentor which is exactly what I found in you